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with Fiona Forbes



Originally Aired February 29, 2019

With a decade's worth of headlining roots and Celtic festivals to selling out nights at rock venues, The Town Pants' own brand of Celtic roots rock rebel spans five albums so far, and backed up with and a legendary live show that's garnered them fans internationally from New York to Norway.

The Vancouver, Canada based band combines aspects of Irish traditional, folk rock and roots Americana, fusing their signature dual lead vocals to create their own unique brand of high energy "West Coast Celtic" that remains in the heart and head long after the music stops.With performances in hundreds of cities and over a dozen countries, The Town Pants have become a consistent audience favorite at Celtic, Folk, World, Irish and even Rock festivals throughout the United States, Canada and in Europe. Rarely does a band have this combination of passion, energy animation and spirit that makes for some of the most imaginative songwriting you'll find in the genre.The band's latest release is titled "Something to Say."

The Town Pants' multi-talented line up for ONSTAGE are: 

Duane Keogh - Guitar, Vocals, Spoons

Dave Keogh - Banjo, Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Tin Whistle

Johanna Sö - Fiddle, Vocals, Foot Stomping

Brendan Mooney - Bass