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Live at the Rogue

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PLEASE NOTE: The stream will be live at approximately 6:55 pm PT. For tech support, 

email or text/call 604-761-4781.

Holly Near

April 12, 2024

The Square, Vancouver, Canada

An intimate evening with Holly Near

Songs and stories about her life and work Farm to Hollywood - Broadway to Activism - Cancer to Still Here! 

For over 50 years Holly Near has been “Singing For Our Lives”. Now she weaves illuminating stories about her travels, mistakes, lessons learned, life changing choices into a glorious monologue.  Holly shares her commitment to be willing; willing to learn, to fail, to get up and try again. And then there is that remarkable voice - still strong - singing wisdom and perspective into a mini musical.  

Holly Near is a singer—about that there is no doubt—and yet her remarkable career steered her course to become one of the most articulate and responsive social change artists of our time. The legacy of work she has created, unsurpassed in its depth, breadth, and scope, stretches far beyond the mainstream music business. At the center of social change movements for the last fifty years, Holly Near has inspired generations of artists and world citizens to commit their hearts and talents to peace and justice. 

Holly sang where others would not. She went to war-torn El Salvador to sing at a music festival for peace. She and the other musicians were followed by death squad cars and had to keep strict curfew. In Washington, DC, she joined with Lebanese and Palestinian artists for a concert in support of children in Lebanon. For years, no other non-Arab artist would perform at the event except for Pete Seeger. Holly performed a duet with Simone Shaheen as they turned Near's Appalachian-styled Mountain Song into a cry for peace in the Middle East.

Holly instigated national tours that focused on issues of nuclear disarmament and clean energy, and defended women's studies on college campuses. She did concerts and rallies that supported the United Farm Workers, striking nurses, ending the death penalty, and raising awareness about racism in schools.

After 50 years of bold work, Holly Near is still one of the most consistent and well informed voices for change. Her work is loving, challenging, funny, thought-provoking, and remains rooted in the global community. As an outspoken singer and ambassador for peace, Holly brings a unique integration of world consciousness and self-evaluation, always growing and sharing experience humbly and boldly.

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