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Live at the Rogue

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PLEASE NOTE: The stream will be live at approximately 7:55 pm PT. For tech support, 

email or text/call 604-371-3799.

Mads Hansens Kapel | OCT 19th, 2023

The Square, Vancouver, Canada

Mads Hansens Kapel is a young and creative wind blowing over the Danish music scene. The band members have roots in widely different genres, but found a common love for the Danish traditional music and the renewal of it. These five young men live by the maxim "have fun first, ask questions later".They interpret the old melodies with ferocity, authority and a lot of heart.

Since their formation in 2015, Mads Hansens Kapel has played a variety of different concerts in many countries beyond their small kingdom of Denmark. Sweden, England, Germany, Estonia, and Finland have all had the pleasure of the group and their playful approach to the folk music traditions. Small intimate and moving concerts, traditional Danish ballroom dances, and crazy street parties are all part of their repetoire.

Their sound is driven by energy, cheek and a well-developed humorous fingerspitzengefühl. When all of that is said, Mads Hansens Kapel is something you need to experience to fully understand.


The North Shore Celtic Ensemble is a dynamic community of young musicians from North Vancouver, Canada. The Ensemble brings raw energy and a whole new style to the Vancouver music scene. What started as Celtic is now a spirited no-boundaries exploration of music that inspires us. The result is a full-spectrum music experience that defies labels and spans conventional genres.

Their own original compositions draw on Celtic, classical, jazz and folk influences and are blended with creative arrangements of more traditional Celtic tunes. Seven CDs celebrate their music and its west coast roots. The Ensemble has toured across North America, Europe and China, performs regularly for local concerts and festivals, and supports a number of charitable programs through thier Community Concert Series. More than just a performing group, the North Shore Celtic Ensemble is a meeting place for youth to explore and share music. Music is about connecting, with people of all ages and cultures, and the Ensemble is committed to helping to build connections through exceptional community performances and creative collaborations with other artists and arts organizations.

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