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Keeping the Music Going Through These Tough Times

Our vision is to build a "global community through content" while practicing "physical distancing" and allowing us to still celebrate togetherness when we all need the healing of music the most. 


Just two weeks into our third season of ONSTAGE,  Hubcast Media and it’s producers after receiving much support, are expanding this vision by inviting SUPERSTAR INFLUENCERS from around the world to co-host with Fiona Forbes, expanding ONSTAGES' reach globally to truly UNITE OUR PLANET through the sharing of music and the stories that identify the common challenges that face us all.


“Image asking the world a question and getting the response instantly”

This is what our technology will do!


If you are an influencer whether in music or any fan driven industry, we want to hear from you. Your voice of assurance are what will guide humanity through this global crisis.

To accomplish this and support humanity, we are super excited to be partnering with

THE UNITE FOUNDATION and its sponsoring donors as they work with charities from around the world that have been affect so drastically by this pandemic Each episode will focusses on a specific topic in relation to charity receiving support each day until the resources are exhausted.


These special episodes will air once a week and going to be part of the premier launch a platform called UNITE, a purpose-built OTT platform in support of funding projects relating to the UNITED NATIONS Sustainable Development Goals. As our influencer, all proceeds of your episode will be donated to a charity of your choosing in exchange for bringing your fans and influence to the episode.


What is the EPISODE going to be about ?

It simple, we will contact you via Skype and through the HUBcasting technology we will connect you to our studio facilities in Vancouver and online with Fiona. Your influencer network will drive traffic to the broadcast and in turn the donations to the charities. The UNITE distribution platform uses industry common AD revenue modeling to disperse the donations as users engage the content. Imagine instead of the biggest brands paying a TV network to marketing themselves during a broadcast, Philanthropic funds are donating to the UNITE FOUNDATION with the mandate to dispersing that donations directly to the Charities as people engage. As you are our guest co-host, your episode will be dedicated to your charity of choice.


How do we include the music ?

Just as we are asking superstar influencers to join us each day, so are we asking mega artists to participate. Each day Fiona will ask her Co-Host what is on their daily music playlist that gets them through each day. The answer will result us having those artists perform a special rendition of those songs live creating even more engagement by artists around the world.


What will be the impact of this project?

The SDG IMPACT FUND and UNITE FOUNDATION currently has committed 5 million dollars to be disperse to charities around the world in support of this project. As this is just the start, the UNITE FOUNDATION is committed to encourage other philanthropic funds, to commit to adding additional resources to extend the length of this project building this into the global movement of impact that will last well beyond the pandemic. 


It all starts with your commitment of 60 Minutes of you time. Something that most of us have plenty of these days.

Please contact our Executive Producer for more information.

Peter Young

Hubcast Media Productions

778 387 3092 Cell

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